Статья об «∀Платформе» опубликована в электронной библиотеке IEEE

Статья об «∀Платформе» опубликована в электронной библиотеке IEEE

На конференции «Умные энергосистемы» (USE-2020), прошедшей в Екатеринбурге на базе Уральского энергетического института ФГАОУ ВО «УрФУ имени первого Президента России Б. Н. Ельцина» при поддержке IEEE и Молодежной секции РНК СИГРЭ, был представлен доклад «Simulation of an Applied Microgrid Control System Based on a Digital Platform».

Статья по представленному докладу была опубликована в электронной библиотеке IEEE.
Выходные данные статьи:
N. G. Shubin, K. A. Krasilnikov, M. I. Krasilnikov and F. S. Nepsha, «Simulation of an Applied Microgrid Control System Based on a Digital Platform» 2020 Ural Smart Energy Conference (USEC), Ekaterinburg, 2020, pp. 126-129, doi: 10.1109/USEC50097.2020.9281226.
Abstract: As a result of the technological development of renewable energy systems, its adoption into microgrids become inevitable. However, in isolated and remote territories, the diesel generators are still the prevailing technology for the power supply. The use of combustion engines has a few significant drawbacks such as low energy efficiency and negative environmental footprint. Also, it slows down the development of remote areas. The integration of renewable generation in such grids requires the use of sophisticated control systems which creates an additional cost. In this regard, the platform solutions allow us to minimize investments and optimize the development process of applied control systems for microgrids of any configuration. One of such solutions is the ∀Platform – the Russian programmable platform for the management of distributed energy systems, which is currently under development. To determine the requirements for the automated functions of the ∀Platform, the paper identifies the needs of stakeholders, and with the considerations of their needs, the use cases are defined. In turn, the analysis of use cases allows us to formulate requirements for automated functions within the platform. To demonstrate the utility of the digital platform, a simulation model was developed with the use of Anylogic software and illustrated the effectiveness of one of the ∀Platform optimization module.
Keywords: distributed energy resource systems, digital platform, microgrid, optimization.